is generally used by home routers as the default gateway address. To change the configuration of a router, you can start a browser and navigate to http://192.168.l.l.

Automatic Router Diagnostics tool
If you cannot connect to the router or forget password, here is a small tool I created to help automatically diagnose the issues.

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What should I do if I cannot connect to
Please check the following settings:
1. Is your computer’s IP address set to 192.168.1.x? The computer and the router have to be in the same subnet
2. Is your router’s default IP address Some brands may also use or etc. Is the default address changed?

What should I do if I fogot the password?

You could try to use the default username and password combinations

admin, password
admin, root
If these do not work, you can reset the router by pressing the little button on the linksys router.